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a new play in rhythm and rhyme by Glenn Gordon

     RE:DEFINITION is a play inspired by Glenn Gordon's real life experience after discovering his African ancestry through DNA testing. The mundane way the monumental information of his ancestry was received by parents, friends and strangers produced a hilarious and musically entertaining commentary on race, history and identity that ques-

tions the meaning of "blackness" and personifies the white supremacy ingrained in African Americans. It is a pleasing blend of musical and comedic timing, able to heal past wounds across ethnicities with the medicinal benefits of laughter.


                                                Chadwick Boseman, director of RE:DEFINITION, a veteran of

                                     the hip hop theater aesthetic, and star of the upcoming biopic 42 star-

                                     ring opposite Harrison Ford, fell in love with the play early on. "I knew

                                     right away that it was some thing that I wanted to do.  It was important

                                     work.  It was fun work.  I knew that an audience would have a good

                                     time receiving the satirical catharsis this play offers," he said.

For more information on RE:DEFINITION, its production history, or on how to bring this tour de force to your community fill out the form below and you will be contacted.

The Legacy Program: Reflection is a new arts initiative where the artists who facilitate the LP: Residency are commissioned to create professional works using their LP:Residency experience as inspiration.

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