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The Legacy Program: Residency is an theatre arts education, youth development initiative in which middle school students synthesize the study of personal genealogy and genetics into a student-devised, theatrical showcase of self-discovery. At the close of their culminating performance, students receive the results of their ancestry test, thus learning a place and tribe that is a part of their African heritage for the first time. Read what the Principal DiLeo-Berner of the William Alexander Middle School has to say about the LP: Residency.


The Legacy Program: Reflection is a new arts initiative where the teaching artists that facilitate the LP: Residency are commissioned to create professional work using their LP:Residency experience as inspiration. Click the SoundCloud box to the right to hear the title track of the first LP: Reflection commission, Glenn Gordon's RE:DEFINITION.  Click  here for more information on the play and how to bring it to your community.

Part Three - LP: JOURNEY

The Legacy Program: Journey is the cultural exchange part of the LP which allows students and the teaching artists who facilitate the Residency to travel to Africa for a cultural exchange with youth and professional artists on the continent. The Journey has a launch date in the summer of 2014.


THE LEGACY PROGRAM is a community engagement initiative in (3) three parts

designed to use the arts to promote positive ethnic identity development

by reconnecting descendants of the Transatlantic Slave Trade across the world

to the specificity of their African ancestry.

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